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Metro Manila Film Festival 2012 - Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote, and Me

The film entry for Metro Manila Film Festival - Si Agimat, Si
      Enteng Kabisote, and Me are starting their taping. Starring
      on this big movie project are Sen. Bong Revilla, Vic Sotto,
      and Judy Ann Santos. The movie theme are all about action,
      fantasy, comedy and love story, this is the first time that
      the three of our biggest celebrity will make this kind of big
      project. Also in this movie FHM 2012 winner Sam Pinto, Aiza
      Seguerra, the comic duo Jose and Wally and Eat Bulaga Little
      Miss Philippines 2012 Ryza Mae Dixon. Si Agimat, Si Enteng
      Kabisote, and Me movie is a Metro Manila Film Festival entry
      that will be show on December 25 in theaters near you. 

Tyler and J. Lo voted out in American Idol

     Rockstar Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez was leaving on the high rating singing contest American Idol, they voted out themself to judge American Idol due to their different reason. Tyler said he wants to go back on his first love which his music and his band Aerosmith while on the otherhand J. Lo wants to prioritize her unfinished business. Now only music producer Randy Jackson left to judge American Idol, Jackson is part of American Idol since beginning.

Bluetooth- How to set up on an iPhone

    Bluetooth nowadays are very popular wireless device, has a wide range connectivity to sync your personal gadget such as computer or smartphones. Here are guide how to set up your bluetooth on your iPhone.
* on your iPhone homescreen tap setting then go to general look for Bluetooth then touch the slider on to turn your Bluetooth on.
* now to connect your iPhone to your connecting device make sure to turn it on and its on the discoverable mode to be able to view your iPhone. Your iPhone must be within 30 feet of range.
* your device should be recognize by your iPhone then when it does tap the name of designated device on your iPhone screen and pair.
* enter the four digit passcode for your device and touch connect to finish the connecting process.
When using Bluetooth on your iPhone make sure its fully charge. It consume more battery so whenever your not using your Bluetooth connection make sure to turn it off.

Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean Is Ready For Updates

     The latest Google Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean are now released and ready to download to update your smartphone's Android OS.
Android 4.1 difference from previous Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich ICS more improves in smooth browsing and speed of loading try it so you can see the differences on your own, and make a comparison to previous Google Android Os.

How to update your smartphone Android Os:

*Home menu press all apps icon then press setting icon then go to  about phone ( mostly bottom ) then touch software updates.
*Then wait your phone will try to search if there is new updates available for your smartphone.
*If there is then touch yes
*And your done.

Georgie Smartphone for the blind people

      What a technology we have today. Now even blind people can use smartphone to their daily lives, the device known named Georgie. Georgie a smartphone device for the blind and powered by Google android. It has voice assisted touchscreen and has a variety of useful apps to complete of your daily task, such as catching a coming bus, reading printed text and locator finder.

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